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Custom handmade D2 steel viking axe pair with leather sheath

Custom handmade D2 steel viking axe pair with leather sheath

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100% Handmade & Hand forged viking axe pair

Throwing Axe pair!

with leather sheath!
Embrace the spirit of the ancient Norsemen with this exquisite pair of Viking axes, meticulously hand-forged to evoke the rugged aesthetic of the Viking era. Each axe features a robust carbon steel blade, adorned with intricate Norse patterns that have been etched by hand to ensure every detail tells a story of battle and bravery.

The handles are crafted from durable wood, each wrapped in high-quality black leather that's been secured with elegant brass rivets, adding to the axes' historical authenticity. While these axes make for stunning decorative pieces that could take pride of place in any collection, they are also built to be functional, paying homage to the practical craftsmanship of the Viking blacksmiths.

Whether you're a collector, a reenactment enthusiast, or simply looking for a statement piece that carries the echo of Norse heritage, this pair of Viking axes will not disappoint. Add them to your collection and let the saga continue.

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