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Custom handmade damascus steel Hunting dagger with leather sheath/Antler horn

Custom handmade damascus steel Hunting dagger with leather sheath/Antler horn

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Size and Measurements:
*Overall Length:15.5 ” Inches / (Approximately)
*Blade Length: 5.5 ” Inches /(Approximately)
*Handle Length:10 ” Inches / (Approximately)
*Handle Material: Wood with Sheet
*Blade thickness: 3.0 mm
*Damascus Steel Blade 1095/15N20, Oil Tempered to 58-60 HRC
*Pattern: Wind & Mix twist Fire pattern Damascus Blade, Extreme custom Brass File-work
?Package Includes:
*Gift Box
* 1 x Damascus Knife
* 1 x Leather Sheath #Gift From BRAVOCA KNIVES

Engraved your loved name on Blade/ Handle or on leather sheath can possible
For engraving please don’t be shay to contact us or leave your Note during
Knife Comes with a fine sheath made from Camel, cow Skin

? we offer only high quality products
?Each item is handcrafted and tested for quality
? We work only with the best Damascus steel and high carbon steel 5160s in the world
? We have a large assortment and everyone will find a gift to their liking
?Shipping worldwide
?Blade Detail
 HANDMADE STEEL DAMASCUS HUNTING KNIFE - Blade is Hand Forged with 1095 & 15N20 High and Low Carbon Steel with over 252
Layers. These two alloys are folded together many times, then dipped in Ferric Chloride which eats away at the different metals at different rates showing the Damascus pattern. This is genuine folded steel, not laser print.

?LIFETIME WARRANTY: No premium knife is complete without a lifetime warranty; our masterpiece knife is fully covered for life, free exchange or return for life if the item is defective.
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When you receive our knife, you need to wipe it down with a clean soft cloth. We enclose recommended knife care instructions. We are a small manufacturer and depend on your continued support and great reviews. Please work with us and we promise to take care of you. Thanks for buying our knives and we look forward to having you as a customer.
How to Care for Damascus Blades


Damascus patterns are made by forging or "folding" stainless steels and softer high carbon steel. To bring out the pattern, the blades are placed in an "acid bath." During this process, the more corrosive high-carbon steel is eaten away, leaving behind unique patterns. We then “seal” the blades using a museum-grade wax coating.


Keep Damascus clean and free of moisture. Damascus blades will require more attention, since the higher carbon metals that help create the pattern present a higher risk of corrosion. We recommend cleaning the blade after it has come into contact with moisture and especially acidic materials like apples, steak, or fingers.
Spot clean rust. If your knife is in a humid environment, it will rust. The best way to quickly address rust is to spot clean your blade with Soft Scrub
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